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The Importance of Fluency in English

Most young people either preparing for or now attending college are beginning to realize the importance of being bi-lingual, in other words, having good fluency in not only one, but two languages, both Arabic and English. Whether people are studying or working in the fields of IT, graphic design, or the fields of finance and management, skillful, fluent and effective forms of communication have developed high importance in today’s world, in addition to the knowledge base necessary in those fields. What is the value of knowing something without having the ability to communicate that knowledge to others in an effective manner?

Whether a university student, an IT expert, a bank manager, or a business accountant, everyone nowadays needs to be able to write effective emails, convincing proposals, in-depth research articles and clear summaries of the work they do. No student wants to have trouble with an assignment or lose grades because they are struggling in English. No one in the workplace wants to lose face by making awkward mistakes in their writing or feel embarrassed when they give talks and presentations or even when they are just talking on the phone. Everyone wants to have the confidence that comes with fluency in the languages they speak.

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