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Bachelor's in Accounting

Accounting is best defined as the systematic recording, reporting, and analysis of financial transactions. Students who select accounting as their major generally show a talent for analyzing financial information, developing financial and investment planning strategies, verifying financial documents, and managing costs and assets. All organizations need these skills to ensure proper financial management.

The accounting program at AIU is designed to prepare students for professional careers in public, corporate, or governmental accounting. While stressing fundamental accounting theory, the curriculum provides a thorough application of these concepts to practical situations.

Business Administration - Accounting degree plan

Business Administration - Accounting program catalog

What can I do with my major?

Career Opportunities

  • Auditor/internal auditor
  • Assistant controller/ controller
  • Budgetary control analyst
  • Certified public accountant
  • Chief financial officer
  • Claims adjuster/examiner
  • Cost accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Industrial accountant
  • Inventory control specialist
  • Managerial accountant
  • Payroll manager
  • Treasury management specialist

Degree Requirements

The Business department offers four majors: Accounting, Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, and Management. Students in any of these Business department programs will take the following course work.

Business Administration-Accounting Program Requirements
A minimum of 122 credits hours total are required for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Account is taken through five types of courses: business foundation, core, major, College general education requirements and elective courses.

School of Business Requirements

AIU General Education requirements


School core requirements


Major requirements (minimum)


Total credits required for the degree (minimum)


General Education Group and Competency Requirements
The college has established General Education requirements, requiring a total of 36 credits of General Education coursework to be satisfied by all students.  For Business Administration majors, courses within the degree plan marked with an asterisk (*) satisfy the General Education requirements. 

Core Requirements: Total credits 40 – All majors within the School of Business

Business Administration-Accounting major requirements: Total credits 46

Accounting Courses




ACC 5100

Intermediate Financial Accounting I 


ACC 5110

Intermediate Financial Accounting II


ACC 5115

Intermediate Financial Accounting III


ACC 5130

Accounting Systems Design and Control       


ACC 5160

Managerial Accounting


ACC 5996

Auditing, Assurance, and Attestation 


ACC 5890

Internship in Accounting or Tax Practice


ACC 5120

Advanced Accounting


ACC 5170

Introduction to Taxation: Individuals


ACC 5180

Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting 


ACC 5210

Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting and Business         


ACC 5250

Introduction to Internal Auditing      


ACC 5270

Introduction to Taxation: Business Entities  


ACC 5990

Directed Study in Accounting


** If the student decides to double major, the student has to take one course of Internship based on their primary major, plus 7 elective or double major courses of the following:

Scenario 1: Select any 7 courses from the School of Business

Scenario 2: If the student decides to go with Double Major. The student needs to select 6 Courses from the Double major plus one Elective course.



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