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AIC Faculty Publishes Research Paper in the Canadian International Journal of English Linguistics 

Dr. Asmaa Alduhaim is one of AIC’s distinguished faculty teaching our college level English and Art History classes. One of Dr. Asmaa’s research interest is linguistics and how language impacts the world. Recently her article A Comparing Study of Political Discourse Features in English and Arabic was published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE) in the International Journal of English Linguistics Journal (IJEL). In the journal, Dr. Asmaa examines the political language used in both Arabic and English and describes how both languages are employed to create an impact on the audience. Dr. Asmaa’s research further explains how political speeches are often shaped by cultural factors such as religion and traditions which are commonly shared amongst many languages using pronouns, repetition for emphasis purposes, metaphors and metonymy, intertextuality by quotation and lastly code-switching. For more information about this journal article click here. 

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