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AIC Introduces Virtual Learning Amid COVID-19

As news organizations across the world reported closures of face-to-face learning at colleges and universities amid the world pandemic COVID-19, AIC administrators were tasked to develop a quick plan to move courses online to continue the spring 2020 semester. With virtual classroom platforms now being widely used, AIC professors, students, and administrators have become part of the many hundreds of thousands of people venturing into an academic cyberspace platform.


Based on the approval and support from Kuwait’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education, AIC developed and implemented online courses for our students using a student learning management system, Canvas. Many scholars in higher education believe this vast shift to virtual learning, will shape online education and its instruction in a positive light for the future. The implementation of virtual learning will be embraced in the coming years as administrators and faculty members may consider developing online courses or infuse online platform activities into in-person courses.


During the past few weeks, we have witnessed many of our students engaging online and participating within their classroom breakout sessions, finding ways to communicate with their peers through message boards, completing tasks and assignments in a timely manner, as well as reaching out to their professors when additional help is needed. Students have become day by day, increasingly comfortable in making the virtual classroom their space for learning.


Through AIC’s swift transition, we are proud of our students, faculty, staff, and executive leadership team, during this world pandemic and we will continue to support each AIC community member through the rest of the school year.

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