Bachelor of science degree

BS in Accounting

Bachelor's in Accounting

Accounting is best defined as the systematic recording, reporting and analysis of financial transactions. Students who select accounting as their major generally show a talent for analyzing financial information, developing financial and investment planning strategies, verifying financial documents, and managing costs and assets. All organizations need these skills to ensure proper financial management.

Courses cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Preparation and interpretation of financial statements
  • Concepts and procedures for bonds, leases, pensions, income taxes and owners' equity
  • Techniques for database design and information systems auditing
  • Concepts related to business and individual taxation

What can I do with my major?

Career Opportunities

  • Auditor/internal auditor
  • Assistant controller/ controller
  • Budgetary control analyst
  • Certified public accountant
  • Chief financial officer
  • Claims adjuster/examiner
  • Cost accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Industrial accountant
  • Inventory control specialist
  • Managerial accountant
  • Payroll manager
  • Treasury management specialist

Degree Requirements

The Business department offers three majors: Accounting, Finance and Business Administration. Students in any of these Business department programs will take the following course work.

A minimum of 122 credit hours total taken through five types of courses: business foundation, core, major, College general education requirements and elective courses.
Business Foundation Requirements

AIC Course Number Title Credit Hours

BUL 2111

Business Law I


ECO 2013

Principles of Macroeconomics (SS)


ECO 2023

Principles of Microeconomics (SS)


ENC 1101

Introductory College Writing (BC)


ENC 1102

Intermediate Composition (IC)


BAA 1500

Business Tools & Applications


BAA 2300

Quantitative Methods I



Business Core Requirements

AIC Course Number Title Credit Hours

MAN 2021

Management of Org. Behavior


MAR 1011

Marketing Management


General Education Group and Competency Requirements
The college has established General Education Requirements, requiring a total of 36 credits of General Education coursework to be satisfied by all students. These requirements are listed below. For Business majors, the basic social science requirement and the mathematics requirement are satisfied by the Business Foundation courses.

Take ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 and either SPC 1024 or SPC 1608 9 credit hours

Take two courses, for a total of 6 credit hours 6 credit hours

The basic social science requirement is satisfied by successful completion of the Business Foundation course ECO 2013. Therefore, one Behavioral Science course, for a total of 3 credit hours, is required.

AREA 4 SCIENCE 9 credit hours
Take one Biological Science, for 3 credit hours, and one Physical Science, for a minimum of 3 credit hours, and one Laboratory, for 1 credit hours, and one Wellness course, for 2 credit hours.

AREA 5 MATHEMATICS 6 credit hours
The mathematics requirement is satisfied by successful completion of the Business Foundation course BAA 2300.

W = Writing credit course. Students must take ENC 1101; ENC 1102; and two additional writing credit courses, 6 credits, to graduate.
I = International/Intercultural Course. Students must take 3 credits of international/intercultural coursework to graduate.

Any student who successful completes a mathematics or natural science course for which one of the General Education Core Course options is an immediate prerequisite shall be considered to have completed the mathematics or science core requirement.
Completing BAA 2300 by earning a minimum “C” grade student fulfills both the Mathematics
requirement and the first Quantitative Methods requirement

(I) = this course counts toward the international/intercultural requirement in the AA and baccalaureate degrees.
(W) = this course counts toward the writing requirement in the AA and baccalaureate degrees.

*All course requirements and offerings are subject to change

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